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Call him whatever you want, our Sous Chef Tommy Bambeck is a beast at his craft. If you've eaten at the truck any time since March '17, chances are he cooked for you.
Born and raised in Southern California, a passion for food showed itself at a young age. When other kids were going to watch Saturday morning cartoons, little Tommy was turning on Food Network, or any other early morning cooking shows.  Tommy started to cook professionally 5 years ago. With a lifetime of backyard cooking with his brothers, he quickly climbed the ranks and trained in new techniques and cuisines in fine dining restaurants throughout the bay. All that was just waiting to find is place as a food trucker. Joy and Passion shine through in everything that The Bear touches to his grill.
Our Country Music, Craft Brew, his Wife and Kids, Upper Cut Truck loving Bear is Upper Cut for life, and looks forward to cooking for you whenever you come eat at our truck.

Culinary Creative. Creator of Upper Cut

Chef Marty has created a one of a kind menu and is revolutionising the experience people have when they eat at a food truck, his charisma and passion for great food are what has given Upper Cut its success these beginning years. Marty will always greet you with a smile and a suggestion tailored just for you. His recipes and the belief that everything should be fresh and made from scratch, his passion, commitment to excellence, and the dedication of his team are what really makes Upper Cut a Cut above the rest!

Katie Harwood

FOH/ Expo

Tommy 'The Bear' Bambeck
Sous Chef

Katie’s in the window kicking orders and taking names. Getting your Upper Cut fix to you in quick time with a smile. She enjoys the rush of a busy day but also a slower lunch to have a personal connection with all the customers! Katie has your connection to customization. She knows the menu inside and out and always suggests the right dish for your cravings. Recently she has been moving over to the Expo station where she can finish plating and garnish eveything that goes out, making sure that you always get exactly what you wanted. Maintaining the Upper Cut standards and making our customers always want to come back for more!

Marty Damyan
Executive Chef